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Nov 23, 2021

It might look to others like you have it all. But someday you probably will know when it's time to hit the reset button on your career. Jenessa Broderick stepped out of the career track in corporate America, and shares her experience in a Taking Stock episode you will want to share with someone you know.

Oct 18, 2021

When your job is no longer the right fit, perhaps it’s time to accept that it’s time to change direction. Shari Martin, President and CEO of Cobb Community Foundation, shares her own story of going from business success to a new and more rewarding success.

Aug 27, 2021

You've probably dreamed of it, but then there's the reality. What happens when you make the leap from a secure job in corporate America to become an entrepreneur? Tara Ghei, founder of Atlanta start-up Romp + Tumble, joins Lisa for a discussion you won't want to miss.

Jul 13, 2021

It’s been called The Great Resignation, but whatever the name, people are reconsidering their jobs in record numbers. Before you make a jump though, are you asking the right questions? Wealth Advisor Tom Presley joins me to look at what you should look at… before you leap.

Jun 4, 2021

A bad fall at an advanced age can change everything. And by the time it happens, you may be scrambling to understand your elder relative's financial situation and plan next steps. Lisa is joined by Dana B. Perry, an attorney specializing in elder law and estate planning with Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel P.C. to look at...