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Jul 8, 2020

If you'd like to make a sizable donation to a charity or charities, that's great. But did you know that there are smart ways to do it that maximize the benefit to both the charity and yourself? Lisa is joined by Wealth Advisor Chase Mouchet to look at ways to make the most of your giving.

Jun 29, 2020

Why would anyone sabotage their own future? It’s not typically a conscious decision, but the product of focusing on short-term gains instead of long-term results. Lisa talks with Josh Monroe, an Associate Wealth Advisor at Brightworth, on the top money mistakes people make - and how to avoid them.

Jun 8, 2020

Today Lisa is joined by Evia Golde, Attorney and Realtor® , and Katina Asbell, Associate Broker and Luxury Realtor®, both from Real Living Capital City. They discuss the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the real estate market, and what they share just may surprise you.

Feb 18, 2020

We all read the headlines about data breaches and hackers, but what does it mean, and what can we do to protect ourselves? Lisa talks with Geoff Bernard, Brightworth Senior Systems Analyst, about current dangers, mistakes he's witnessed, and steps to make yourself less vulnerable.

Jan 27, 2020

While no one gets married expecting to one day get divorced, if a marriage ends, women especially need to be financially prepared. Lisa talks with family law expert Melody Richardson, Managing Member of Richardson Bloom & Lines LLC, about five things women need to know.